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Motorola C200 C201 C205 T190 T191 E365 Service Tools 1.6

T190, T191, C200, C205, C201, E365, flex, service, tools, flash, firmware, upload, download, unlock, repair
15.31 USD

It's complete service software for C200 C201 C205 E365 T190 T191 Motorola series phones. By using this software you may unlock, relock phone, reset phone code or activate language in flash, write new firmware (repair bugs and software problems) or write language and remove simlock, remove phonelock and repair bugs such as "Contact operator". By this tool you will get opportunity to start servicing these models without any problems. This is very useful software for people working in phone business.

Supported models and versions:
  • E365 - all versions
  • C200 - all versions
  • C201 - all versions
  • C205 - all versions
  • T190 - all versions
  • T191 - all versions

    This software can:
  • simlock remove in C200/C201/C205/E365 and T190/T191 models (operation takes ~4 sec)
  • lock to any net (relock) in C200/C201/C205, T190/T191 and E365 - this is needed if phone has got hardware failure and you want to resend it to service center (operation takes ~7 sec)
  • repair "Contact with provider" in E365 (operation takes ~4 sec)
  • remove phonelock code in C200/C201/C205/E365 and T190/T191 models (operation takes ~4 sec)
  • language activation in flash in C200/C201/C205 and T190/T191 (operation takes ~9 sec)
  • flash - change firmware version in C200/C201/C205, T190/T191 or E365 (upgrade SW, remove bugs)
  • flash - repair phone in C200/C201/C205, T190/T191 or E365 (if software problem)
  • flash - language change in C200/C201/C205, T190/T191 in E365
  • read flash, language, perosnalization file and flex from E365
  • repair/change IMEI on E365
  • read/write eeprom on E365
  • NCK read codes for E365

    Set includes:
  • Motorola C200 C201 C205 T190 T191 E365 Service Tools 1.6 with licence for 1 computer
  • scheme of E365 cable
  • updates

    C200 - to work with C200 model you must have the same cable that you used with Motorola T190/T191 - built on 2,5mm jack. If you don't have this cable you can buy it at our store - for COM port or for Universal Box 4.0
    E365 - to work with this tool you must have T205 cable with small modifications (in normal cable you must short 2 pins inside connector). Scheme of cable you will receive with software.

    This software is not protected by LPT/USB dongle - we register software to computer where you have installed it for the first time. In this price you can get registration only for 1 computer. If you want to use software on 2 or many computers please contact us for additional registration licences. Prices for bulk registrations are very competitive.

    15.31 USD

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    T190, T191, C200, C205, C201, E365, flex, service, tools, flash, firmware, upload, download, unlock, repair

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